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Coworking in Delhi


Delhi has 2 Coworking Centers :

1. Moonlighting
Located in Greater Kailash I. This is a social enterprise establishing coworking and cooperative cultural spaces. — Our first is a members house in South Delhi, having space to hangout, work and stay, both ad-hoc and long-term. We support independent professionals, social entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers, hackers, anyone with an open mind and some freedom to explore. Moonlighting is open for non members over the whole of Jellyweek till 20th January: if you are looking for a coworking space or an accommodation in Delhi, feel free to visit us. Moonlighting is managed by a couple of serial entrepreneurs who are passionate on building a strong community of social innovators and entrepreneurs in Delhi NCR region. It is one of its kind house which provides short and medium stay options along with coworking in India.

2. Coworking Delhi
This was cofounded in 2011 by 3 independent persons. Shiva, a Delhi based social entrepreneur, Gunasekar a market research consultant from chennai who came to delhi to bootstrap his research agency, and Mary Kezo a travel consultant from Nagaland.
Located in the narrow lanes of mahipalpur opposite Aerocity metro station near airport.
The coworking center occasionally attracts individual consultants, small companies and NGOs that have work to get done with the Government or International agencies and the odd foreign visitors to Delhi who learn about the place from Twitter / facebook. The companies and NGOs besides getting contacts, advice and travel arrangements at the center, also sign a contract to use the address and space as their official address and when needed hires other coworkers there to do their tasks.
The coworking center has been the birthplace/nursery of 5 enterprises:
1. ShivaS Social Enterprise that distributes solar energy lights and products- now being registered as a Public limited company.
2. Methodlabs Services Private Limited that is a professional research & consultancy company
3. Third Eye Travels that is starting up its travel services.
4. Skillsindia Networks at its pre-startup stage
5. And a fifth real estate enterprise that is yet to take-off

While the ownership of the enterprises are clearly that of the individual entrepreneurs, the work culture is informal and collaborative without stakes. Anybody can work free at the center and get support and guidance too. Gunasekar inspired by the solar enterprise of Shiva, now lives 3 floors above the Delhi Coworking center entirely on solar power with zero electricity bills.

There were initial concerns about the survival of the center, lack of demand for the coworking space, unattractive location and facilities but these concerns have diminished with one of the enterprises born here, ShivaS showing growth and promise of success.

The Jellyweek agenda of Coworking Delhi is to introspect and take decisions for the future, Gunasekar as the Coworking Worldwide Ambassador in India volunteers online on tasks that help other coworking centers across the world.


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