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Scenes from my travels

Public transport in Uttar Pradesh, India

Public transport in Uttar Pradesh, India

Nighty Shop in Kanpur

Nighty shop selling Ladies Tops & Men's Lowers

Medical care provider

Ashirwad clinic, Dr. Masood Aslam B.U.M.S, Physician & Surgeon

Just a roadside tree

Tuensang, Nagaland


De-cluttering my life


I am on a drive to de clutter my life.
Now my family of 4 persons does not own the following:
Vehicle that uses fuel ;
My daughters use a bicycle and a battery driven e-bike, My wife walks to the school she teaches. I work from home and when I must go out, I walk or use public transport.
Not replaced since the old one gave up its life 2 years. We buy tiny quantities of fresh food products and consume them immediately.
Microwave oven
Never owned one though I wanted it some years back but my wife was not interested.

There are the devices we still use .
LPG Gas stove:
Our food habits still need a lot of cooking. Looking for the right technology to replace fossil fuel.
Electric grinder and mixer, washing machine, fluorescent lights (7), fans(5), immersion water heater (1), LCD Television (1), Radio (1), Notebook computers (3), Desktop computer (1), printer/scanner, Land-line phone (1), Mobile phone (1)
Have to find ways of minimising these or try to convert them to solar power. Will work on this when I move back to my own house from this rented place.
Personally I need to get rid of harmful addictions and change my diet and lifestyle. Working on these first. I have stopped buying expensive clothes and use simple Khadi (made entirely from hand spun and woven cotton) clothes most of the time. The old clothes refuse to wear out though I am trying hard to wear them out.
Relationships: Thought I had this one perfect, till my daughters became teenagers. Have to go back to learning how to handle this.
Work and personal finances.
Finally I am building my dream social enterprise. I have been without debt for several years and do not have any credit cards now. This new enterprise threatens to put me in debt. Have to think smart and find a way out.