Memories of my Mother Tara


My Mother Tara was the daughter of Shri. T. Krishnaswamy a freedom fighter and Smt. Sarada. She was born in Madras and grew up in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. She was a teacher of Hindustani classical music and Hindi language. She married C.L.Rajaratnam (a trade union leader in the banking industry and an employee of State Bank of India) and lived in Madras since then. She died in 2009 after prolonged illness at the age of 75. She was given her name “Tara” by Shri.C.Rajagopalachari (Rajaji) whose own grand-daughter was given the same name . Her father (my granddad) went to jail along with Rajaji and was known to have taught Hindi to Rajaji.

The first 4 photographs in this blog post are from the early 1950’s probably related to the first Central Social Welfare Board  in India of which my grandfather Shri T.Krishnaswmy was a member . Tara Swamy as my mother was known, worked as her father’s personal secretary and interacted with many national leaders such as Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh. Smt.Indira Gandhi and other well-known leaders of the nation.

I had the privilege of serving my mother, taking care of her when she was invalid and bedridden for the last 2-3 years of her life. I worked all those years from her bedside (Thanks to Internet) and letting other family members care for her only when I made short trips to meet clients or communities I was working with.


About Gunasekar C Rajaratnam

Social Entrepreneur, Guna has been working 28 years with market research and social research agencies and as an independent research consultant. Volunteers most of his time on social and public causes and has travelled extensively within India and has visited Africa. Trained as a barefoot manager, Guna leads a de-cluttered life of simplicity and personal Integrity and aims to be a 'Karmayogi'. He works with marginalised and rural communities and helps them set up sustainable enterprises in rural and urban areas. He holds these Positions: Director - Methodlabs Services Private Limited Co-Founder - Coworking Chennai Started as a freelance field data collector in 1985, grew up to a Senior General Manager in 1998 working for professional research agencies and as an Independent Research Methodology Consultant since 1998. He has designed and played a role in implementing a variety of research and analytic projects in retail markets, consumer behaviour, health, environment, social development, hard to reach communities and indigenous people. Specialities: Research Methodology, recruiting, training and managing large research teams, online collaboration tools, open source software, qualitative and quantitative research techniques, clinical and laboratory research practices and Knowledge management. Domain knowledge in Industrial diversification, marketing, retail markets, appropriate technologies, social development, health, sexual health, environment, urban wildlife, communities and indigenous people

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